Bard Papegaaij 

Bard Papegaaij is a published author of 3 books on Machine Translation of Natural Language, and over 80 research notes and reports on leadership and culture for CIOs and other executives. Bard combines more than 30 years of experience in roles ranging from Research, Software Engineering to Enterprise Architecture, (Interim) Management, Coaching, Consulting and Public Speaking with a life-long personal journey into Emotional Intelligence and Human Potential Development. After a successful career in The Netherlands, Bard decided in 1998 to start a new adventure in Australia. This led in 2001 to the foundation of Transgrowth, a coaching and consulting company with a pragmatic approach to helping people (individually and in teams) to become the best they could be. After that, he accepted a position as Research Director in Gartner. For 9 years, Bard has had a successful career in Gartner as Research Director, Executive Partner and Research Vice President, leading Gartner’s research into the people-side of work and management, as well developing Gartner’s current focus on organizational culture and change. After successfully chairing Gartner’s Symposium/IT Expo in 2017, Bard decided it was time to reboot Transgrowth. He has the dual role of Managing Director and Chief Change Facilitator.




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